Looking for:

Director of Music & Worship Arts

Grace United Methodist Church is seeking for someone with musical and artistic gifts to lead our emerging liturgical/contemporary/gospel/global style of worship

and who can work with a team approach to creative worship planning,

liturgical leadership, and evaluation.


Grace, in its former days, had a regular 800 persons in worship, a full-time organist (with a Schantz Opus 648 (playable but needs work), 4 manuals, 60 ranks, manual compass, 61 notes, Pedals 32, trumpets, etc.), a fine grand piano, a full time Director of Music and fantastic choir. That ain’t us now. Think small – but…mighty.

Grace IS a welcoming-to-all, diverse community that is recreating ministry for the neighborhoods around us and others who want to drive a bit for authentic, Wesleyan worship (meaning scripturally based [scripture], liturgically patterned [tradition], relevant to today’s world [experience], and makes sense in a world crazy with division and hatred [reason]. And a fun church staff that we’ve been told preaches good enough, too.

Persons interested in this kind of faith community and worship must be able to:

          1) accompany and sing, as well as train others in song leading;

          2) draw from diverse musical traditions and styles of worship to facilitate congregational engagement;

          3) attract volunteer musicians who might play a variety of instruments (Can you work in a didgeridoo or

                 recorder? Visit bars to find guitarists?)

This position is part-time.  Duties require three to four hours for Sunday worship and rehearsals; then two hours-ish for planning /worship prep, and occasional worship team meetings for planning church seasons in one fell swoop. Personal commitment to facilitate church growth of faithful disciples of Jesus is essential, along with being one yourself.

Résumés should be emailed to the pastor at: pastor@graceonponce.org with "Music & Worship Arts Position" in the subject line.

Salary starts at $12,000, but could be more if you are worth it. And it’s for 11 months, so you get a month to do whatever during the summer.

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