Small Groups

Adult Sunday School

The Wesley Companions class is a gathering of “active seniors.” We use a variety of study materials, led by three dynamic teachers.We open each week at 9:30 am in Room 219 (next to the Grace office suite) with a prayer, announcements, hymn and prayer requests. We are always open to visitors and new members. Occasionally, we meet outside the classroom during the week for social time!

Grace also offers a new adult Sunday School class, which meets in the "Living Room" on Grace's first floor at 10:00 AM. Grab a cup of coffee and join this group for  "Called to Community," a six-week discussion about the role of the church in today's world. What is the Church’s role in the lives of individuals and families who no longer turn to it as the center of their social and family structure? What is the Church’s role in a world that increasingly sees it as irrelevant or even antithetical to human progress? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who continue to return to it as a source of strength, inspiration, solace and connection with God? What is the Church’s role in the lives of the people who have never walked through one of our doors and those who have sworn they never will again? Join us on Sunday mornings to ponder these questions together.


Children and Youth

At Grace, we love children!

Children are a vital part of our life together, and we make it a point to welcome children of all ages, and their families, in worship and in the life of our church.  

During our 11:00 service, we encourage children to worship with their families, but nursery care is available for children 5 years and younger (see below). We also provide coloring sheets and activity bulletins to coordinate with weekly worship. Just ask an usher or look for the brightly colored gift bags in the Narthex.

Music and Worship Arts for Children and Youth

Worship isn't just about what we do on Sunday mornings; it's about understanding why we do it! That's why Grace offers monthly music and worship arts workshops for kids of all ages on the first Sunday of every month for a time of learning, exploration and fun. Children of all ages will sing, learn, and play - all while gaining a deeper appreciation for worship and learning how they can be involved in it. And, it's a limited time commitment, since we know life is busy for everyone. We hope you will take part in this new experience every first Sunday at 9:30 AM in the Grace children's area.

Children's Sunday School

During the Summer months, Grace holds combined Sunday School for children of all ages from 10:00-10:45 AM in Grace's Children's Area (first floor). Kids  are invited to join us  for a time of learning, fun, and reflection as we immerse ourselves in Bible stories and respond with creativity.

Nursery Care

Nursery care is available from 9:45 until 12:30 every Sunday in Grace's nursery (on Grace's 1st floor).

Youth Sunday School

Beginning on August 7, youth in  5-8th grades will get an in-depth look at the Christian faith through a learning experience designed just for them. Youth Sunday School (which meets from 10:00 - 10:45) will double as Confirmation prep for students who have not already been confirmed. Over the course of the year, students will learn, grow, and have the opportunity to say "yes" to Jesus, to the Untied Methodist Church, and to Grace.

For more information on Grace's ministries with children and youth, contact Minister for Spiritual Formation and Growth, Calissa Dauterman.


Sunday School

Sunday School classes for adults meet every week. They are a great place to grow deeper in faith and closer to others in the Grace Community. 

NEW Class for Adults

All are welcome in a new class that gathers weekly with a relevant topic, usually with a video and then discussion. Facilitated by Pastor Kate, we foster open discussion, questioning, doubting, and learning together. This is a safe place to explore faith together. Meets at 10am, room 219. 

Beginning April 3rd, our topic will be: What every Christian needs to know about Islam. 

Welsey Companions

We are a class of "active seniors" using a variety of study materials, taught by Alice Maclin.

We are currently using the Adult Bible Series lesson plans . We open each week with a hymn, devotion and prayer requests. From time to time we also get together for fellowship during the week, such as a luncheon meeting. Come join us!! Met at 9:30am, chapel in Sanctuary. 

Loyalty Room

The loyalty class is composed of adults who follow the Adult Bible Study series. We share devotion, singing, and fellowship alongside our lessons.  Meet at 9:30am, conference room on 2nd floor. 

Taught by Willard Hurst


At Grace, we know that  prayer is a crucial part of connecting with God and connecting with each other. 

Grace's Prayer Team is a group of individuals who commit to pray for the joys and concerns of our community every week. Prayer Team members receive an updated prayer list each week and can pray from the comfort of their homes, or with others . If you are interested in supporting Grace and our community through prayer, consider joining  Grace's Prayer Team.  

To join the Prayer Team or submit a prayer request, contact