COVID-19 Memorial Garden


As a memorial to those who have died during the pandemic, Grace Church has set aside a spot in the Memorial Garden for them to be remembered since memorial services could not occur.


Whether death was by the virus or not, they are remembered.  Bring a stone with the person’s name on it, (add death date if known) and place it on the pile of stones already there in front of the bell. Or select a stone from our pile and use marker provided to add name. Spend  a moment to reflect and pray.



If you are unable to make it to the church for any reason,  fill out the form below and our church staff will write the name of the person who you would like remembered on a stone and will place it in our Garden on your behalf.

Parking Directions

In order to visit Grace Church's Memorial Garden, please follow these directions:

  • Pull into the church parking lot via the entrance gate on Charles Allen Drive.
  • Take the first right into the parking lot (red on the diagram)
  • Park at the top of the lot by the front of the church, where the stairs/ramp lead up to the garden (teal on the diagram)
  • Enter through the gate at the top of the stairs/ramp, then on to the open Memorial Garden (yellow on the diagram)
  • Feel free to linger for a time to pray while maintaining social distancing, if others are present
  • As you leave the parking lot, follow the direction of traffic back to the gate and exit through the other side, which will open via sensor as your vehicle approaches it.

Online Memorial Wall

These are the names of people who were loved and lost during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are those who we have not been able to properly mourn due to the risk of further exposure and infection with this illness. May they be remembered and our grief be known by our God. May we experience Christ's great Peace, which is beyond any of our understanding.


Carol Downs Southington, CT May 15, 2020


Karen Goddard Athens, GA May 11, 2020


Charles Webb Atlanta, GA May 10, 2020


Danny Donny-Clark (COVID-19) Kyoto, Japan


Terri Ahern