Join us for Worship on Zoom!

We meet in real time on Zoom on Sunday mornings for Worship! 

On Sunday Mornings, around 6:00 AM you will find in your email all the links you will need to participate in Zoom Worship at 11:00 AM  and Zoom Sunday School options if you choose! 

If you are not subscribed to our emails, click here to "Connect w/Grace"!

If you cannot find the link in your email, you can always come back to this webpage, click the picture on the right-- and you'll be able to join Worship that way. 

Feel free to join in the Zoom Call around 10:55, or whenever you can join. There is always a space for you. 

If you are new to Zoom, keep scrolling to learn more! 

Worship FAQ

  • We'd love to know who is with us in worship! Enter your name when you log in, so that other people will know you are with us, even if you choose not to show your face.
  • Dress as comfortably as you do when we gather together in the same space.
  • It is nice to see your faces, if you are willing to turn on your camera! If not, it is okay! 
  • Your own microphone should be muted until and unless there are times for you to speak and share with all. 
  • Do not try to connect from two devices in the same room. That will create very annoying noises. If your households wants to use two computers or tablets or phones, arrange yourselves in separate rooms with doors closed between them.
  • We will be utilizing Power Point throughout the service to post scripture, lyrics, and announcements. 
  • We will make sure a bulletin that can be downloaded comes in your Sunday Morning Email. It will also be available in the chat in Zoom
  • You can use the chat feature to send a private greeting to someone else who is already at the service. Once the service starts, use chat only for Joys and Sorrows, or to privately ask for technical help from Rachel Haines or Pastor Dan Levine! 

Zoom FAQ

Before Worship: 

To be a part of the Zoom call while using video, you will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speaker or headphones. You will have the opportunity to check your audio immediately upon joining a meeting.

You can also listen to Zoom Worship over the phone! By calling in to the number sent out on Sunday mornings, and entering the 9-Digit Meeting ID # 

During Zoom Worship: 

1. At the start of Worship, click on the link in your email to join via computer. You may or may not be instructed to download the Zoom application.  If you are, follow along to the instructions that are prompted. 

2. You have an opportunity to test your audio at this point by clicking on “Test Computer Audio.” Once you are satisfied that your audio works, click on “Join audio by computer.” 

Using the icons in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen, you can:

 • Mute/Unmute your microphone (far left) 

• Turn on/off camera (“Start/Stop Video”)

 • Invite other participants

 • View Participant list – opens a pop-out screen that includes a “Raise Hand” icon that you may use to raise a virtual hand

 • Change your screen name that is seen in the participant list and video window

 • Share your screen Somewhere on your Zoom screen you will also see a choice to toggle between “speaker” and “gallery” view. “Speaker view” shows the active speaker. “Gallery view” tiles all of the meeting participants.